Custom Rug Designers

10 of the Best Custom Rug Design Makers

Rugs used to be a luxury in days of old, and they still are. That said, they are accessible to anyone today. Here are ten companies that let you customize rugs. They enable you to come up with custom rug designs that will give your home a standout look.

Finest Custom Rug Design Makers

1. Modern Rugs

Modern Rugs has been in the business of creating quality rugs for over two decades. Their simple philosophy is to customize rugs to perfection. An ASID partner, they have connections with the entertainment industry.

The company has an array of felt, shag, and small area rugs for you to tailor to your specifications. Famed designer Christopher Fareed creates their Tibetian hand-knotted rugs. These enchanting pieces are well-woven and soft to the touch.

2. Alyshaan Time Rugs

Alyshaan makes sure that it never compromises quality. The company allows you to create your rug online. Browse through their extensive selection of quality rugs and tailor them to your specifications.

Their online software allows you to customize settings like material, pre-height, carving and colors. Create rugs in modern red, white and gray shades. If you have traditional rugs in mind, consider their available tapestries.

3. Color Couture

Color Couture allows you to create your rug from 100% New Zealand wool.

Choose from over 60 eye-catching designs. All you have to do is to pick out your favorite color. The company will resize it to suit your needs. Create custom rug designs at this site.

4. Delos

Owned by Ivan and Leah Phillips, Delos has decorated homes with stylish rugs since 2002. Their range of hand-knotted, hand-tufted rugs will floor you.

Choose from an array of coastal, traditional and floral rugs. Tweak their colors and sizes to your liking. Delos will deliver a rug that will fit your home in all ways.

5. The Rug Collection

The Rug Collection is an Austrailian company that collaborates with talented Indian artisans. They produce quality modern and traditional rugs.

The company customizes designs to fit your needs. Mix and match textures to create a rug that soothes your feet. Pick from their extensive array of colors and resize rugs to fit your living space.

6. The Perfect Rug

This company has on hand indoor and outdoor rugs of all styles. Their patterned rugs come in elaborate floral and geometric designs. Their solid color rugs, in simple patterns, exude nobility.

Create your rug with a straightforward three-step process. Pick your favorite color, choose the material and state your preferred size. Get the perfect rug delivered to your doorstep within two short weeks.

7. Rug Couture

Rug Couture puts rugs of all shapes and sizes before you. The company offers a Bespoke tailoring service and creates rugs just for you.

Choose from an array of hand-tufted, flatweave, shaggy and hand-knotted rugs. Fashion them from New Zealand wool, mohair or cowhide. The company delivers them to you in a short month.

8. Tufenkan

Design the ideal rug for your living room with Tufenkian. Customize their range of American and Tibetian hand made rugs. The company produces almost 1000 creations per year.

Tailor-make your carpets with an array of shapes, designs, and colors. The designer works with meticulous line drawings which you must approve. Only then will Tufenkian process your rug. The staff uses the best materials and colors.

9. Designer Rugs

Designer Rugs have added exquisite finishing touches to homes for over a quarter of a century. The company works with top-notch artists from all over Australia.

Artists will present fabrics, paint chips, and photographs for approval. They tailor-make a rug according to the size, colors and materials you specify. You must approve the design before it starts the creation process. You will be sure to have a rug that fits you and your home.

10. The Rug Establishment

The Rug Establishment, an Australian company, has produced high-quality rugs since the 1920s. It is the premier producer of carpets on the Sunshine Coast.

The company allows you to create custom rug designs using its software. You can also pick a rug from its vast selection and tweak it to your specifications. If you have an artistic flair, sketch and design one from scratch.

With a little help, you will have a rug that will please you and your family in every way.